A Short Jew in the Body of a Tall WASP: (A Gay Melodrama in Thirteen Acts)

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ISBN: 9781457517365
204 pages

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A Short Jew in the body of a Tall Wasp is a humorous but poignant tale of the struggles of a young flamboyant and rebellious young man raised in the warmth of his adopted family then casting his fate to the wind as he navigates his early life on his own against the backdrop of the tumultuous times. Mark tries to find how he fits in his world and his antics along the way are a true joy to share. His tall blonde and blue eyed good looks as a young gay man opened the doors at an early age for acceptance into the world of hard partying, rock and roll, drugs and sex. It was a wild ride but came with its toll to pay.


About Mark Okun and Hillary Brower

Mark Okun is a practicing hairdresser with clientele in Miami, Palm Beach, and Memphis Tennessee. His home base is New York City at Salon 02 located at 20 West 22nd St in NYC. His life experiences in New York City, Fire Island and Miami have formed the Body of the Book a Short Jew In the Body of a Tall Wasp. His love for his craft, and his solid family values helped navigate him through the most difficult times of his life and fall with both feet on solid ground.



As my mother lay in the hospital in a coma and I was home alone searching the house for bank books on the list she had given me years ago, I decided instead to open my father’s metal file cabinet. This was the same metal file cabinet that I had opened in 1967, when I was 13, and I’d stolen the Indian Head pennies he had saved for my college education.


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